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Friday, September 2, 2011

Breaking Theme

Every once in a while, I go back and re-read something from one of my books. I've been doing that more lately because I have been putting out a "Character quote of the day" from one of my books on Facebook and Google+. So, in going back and forth between what I've already written (Echelon, Midwasteland, Digilife), I have to ask myself: what is my obsession with dystopia?

Whether it's near-Illumanati takeover, post-nuclear apocalyptic Chicago, or a computer lab with a deadly AI, world destruction and/or takeover seems to be a theme. Fortunately, the plans I have for the next book I want to write have nothing to do with this, so maybe I can break the habit. Then again, despite those plans, I feel like I am going to end up back here again, like some heroin addict who desperately wants to stay away from the drugs but looks down to find he already has a needle in his arm.

With any luck, the apocalypse will come before I can get my next fix....

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