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Monday, September 12, 2011

Autumn: The Perfect Reading Climate

Each of the seasons has their charm for readers. Summer means longer days for reading. Spring has that special sense of renewal that seems to fit perfectly with starting a new book. Winter gives us cold hardwood floors and an excuse to stoke the fireplace and read on the couch.

For me, I love Autumn. And I mean really love it, like in a borderline unhealthy way. The prospect of sitting on the deck in jeans and a sweatshirt in the evening, a blanket wrapped around the chair, a hot cup of coffee on the lawn table and a dog keeping my feet warm while I flip through the pages of a good book is about as good a way to spend a couple of hours as I can think of.

eBooks make this even easier, since I don't have to go back to the bookshelf to switch between books. Plus my new puppy is infatuated with the sick glow of an iPad (she has also yet to figure out that touchscreens don't work well with tongues).

So, where do you do you're reading?

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